State of affairs: RKD Research

RKD Research

With the launch of RKD Research, there are even more opportunities for digital art history research. At the end of 2023, millions of extra data came online. Improvements are being made every week. In this newsitem you will find the latest state of affairs regarding RKD Research.

Searching the databases

  • It is possible again to search all databases simultaneously. 
  • The links between the various databases are being improved step by step.
  • The detail presentation of the databases are becoming more complete. The detail pages of RKDartists, RKDlibrary and RKDexcerpts are more comprehensive by adding fields and search filters.
  • In RKDartists, a map is visible with birthplace, places of activity and place of death.
RKD Research visual search


  • Most images are available for anyone to download at low resolution. With an RKD Research subscription, you can also download images at high resolution. To do so, use the download button.
  • More and more images are becoming available. A significant amount of the images have to pass an AVG check before they can be shown. These images can already be viewed on the RKD's study room.
  • At RKDtechnical the images are missing and the pdf's are not available.


  • RKDarchives is available online. This database can be found at the drop-down menu next to the search bar. Scans of inventory numbers become visible after double-clicking on the description of the item. The digitised archives can be viewed by everyone online. 

We ask everyone's understanding for imperfections during the transition. We are working hard to solve these problems. Should you get stuck with an urgent research question, please get in touch. Data has not disappeared, but will be added incrementally in the first half of 2024. Work is also underway to refine the search function so that RKD Research does function optimally.