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The knowledge institute of the visual arts of the Low Countries

Het RKD — Netherlands Institute for Art History offers museums, academic community and the public a wealth of collections, knowledge and publications for extensive research and inspiration

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News and recent developments

State of affairs: RKD Research

In this item you will find the latest state of affairs on the operation of RKD Research.
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RKD Research

Research on two portraits by Rembrandt

The Nivaagaard Collection and RKD are investigating Rembrandt's Portrait of a 39-year-old woman.
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Portret van een 40-jarige man

Simon Maris' 1899 travel diary

Exactly 125 years ago, Simon Maris and Casparus van Houten made a journey together that took them to Italy.
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Reisdagboek van Simon Maris


Dive into the RKD collection

Our collection includes the world's largest art history library, over 2.5 kilometres of archival material, many digital data, documentation and technical information on art



From general art literature, art lexicons, artists' books and preciosa to the large collection of auction catalogues.


You can view archive material at the RKD. Request an archive at least two days in advance.

Digital data

With RKD Research, you search seven databases containing millions of data.


Begin your research

Doing your own art history research? Start online with RKD Research, check out one of the other websites, or drop by our study room in The Hague. We are happy to help!

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Like Van Gogh Worldwide, Mondrian Papers and the Rembrandt Database.

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Do research in our study room, take part in an event and view our exhibition.

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Results of art historical research

As a knowledge institute, we work closely with museums, heritage institutions and universities. Besides a research role, the RKD serves a public function. Our staff contributes to publications and exhibitions


RKD Study Frans Hals and his workshop – part 1

The first part of the RKD Study about Frans Hals, written by Prof. Dr. Claus Grimm is now available online.
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Frans Hals

Painting in the collection of King Charles II identified

RKD Story
The story of an exceptional painting by master Matthias Withoos: 'Forest Still Life with an Otter and two Fish'.
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Bosstilleven met visotter en twee vissen door Matthias Withoos

RKD podcast: Lucretia Johanna van Winter

Shannon van Essen talks about the Amsterdam collector Lucretia Johanna van Winter (1785-1845).
Lucretia Johanna van Winter


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