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Recent developments in art history

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State of affairs: RKD Research

In this item you will find the latest state of affairs on the operation of RKD Research.
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RKD Research

Research on two portraits by Rembrandt

The Nivaagaard Collection and RKD are investigating Rembrandt's Portrait of a 39-year-old woman.
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Portret van een 40-jarige man

Simon Maris' 1899 travel diary

Exactly 125 years ago, Simon Maris and Casparus van Houten made a journey together that took them to Italy.
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Reisdagboek van Simon Maris


Welcome at the RKD 

We frequently organise lectures, RKD Talks, symposia and conferences at the RKD or on location in cooperation with our partners

RKD Talk: In search of a mother: 'Portrait of father and son' by Cornelis de Vos


It was international news in March 2023: art historical research leads to family reunion on canvas.


Symposium Adriaen van de Venne

The Zeeuws Museum Middelburg and the RKD are organising a symposium on Adriaen van de Venne (1590-1662).
Symposium Adriaen van de Venne

Lopend onderzoek

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Several short and long-term research projects are ongoing at the RKD, covering a wide variety of topics: from medieval miniatures and seventeenth-century tapestries to Mondrian's letters and herman de vries as a publisher

Ongoing research

Weaving in freedom

Ongoing research

From the late 16th century, Gouda welcomed hundreds of Flemish refugees, including many tapestry workers.

Weven in vrijheid

Marks on Art: Painting

Ongoing research
The RKD is developing a database with marks on artworks.
Oproep marks on art

Crowdsourcingproject Bredius notes

Ongoing research
The archivel notes of Abraham Bredius will become digitally accessible.