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The RKD offers various services for art-historical research and its publication. You can completely outsource that to a RKD-curator, but we are also happy to facilitate your own research.

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RKD Research subscription

Everything a researcher needs: access to visual search, my workspace and the RKD's study room!


Image request

With a RKD Research subscription you can download images in high resolution.

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Art historical research

The RKD offers the service of conducting art historical research.

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It is possible to order photocopies or make them yourself during your visit at the RKD.

Service abonnement


The RKD happily lends works from its collections to exhibitions organised by museums, libraries and similar institutions.

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Join the RKD Masterclasses to find out how the physical and digital collections of the RKD can be used for art-historical research.


Guided tours

Get to know the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History!