The RKD happily lends works from its collections to exhibitions organised by museums, libraries and similar institutions.

Although the RKD finds it important to make objects from its collections available to scholars and to the public, it is not always possible to grant requests for loans. Reasons why we might not grant a request include the physical condition of the object, which may be too vulnerable for exhibition, or because the institution’s facilities do not meet the required conditions.

You can read the loan conditions for objects from our collection here. You should bear in mind that we need to receive the loan request at least three months before the exhibition’s opening date.

The loan request can be sent either by post or email. In order to consider your request we need you to  complete the following forms:

You should send all required documents to: RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, f.a.o. Prof. Dr. Chris Stolwijk, PO Box 90418, 2509 LK The Hague, or digitally to, f.a.o. Prof. Dr. Chris Stolwijk, with the subject line: loan.

We can only consider loan requests which include both forms fully completed. By submitting a loan request the borrower agrees that they will meet all of our loan conditions.