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RKD Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis

To the Foundation RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, and all organisations affiliated with it, a careful handling of the data of visitors to our website is of the utmost importance.


To the RKD Foundation – Netherlands Institute for Art History, and all organisations affiliated with it, a careful handling of the data of visitors to our website, RKD Explore, is of the utmost importance. The RKD's website is geared towards safeguarding your privacy as much as possible.

The RKD does not collect names, addresses, telephone numbers or any other personal details, unless such information has been voluntarily offered by visitors to our website. Information on browsing habits is used exclusively to support technical decisions and statistical processing, never to identify individuals.


A cookie is a small text file that is saved to your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website for the first time. The website uses functional and analytical cookies. These cookies are necessary for the technical operation of the website and for a better user experience. For example, functional cookies store what users have placed in their shopping cart. They also store log in information allowing users to stay automatically logged in to a website. Analytical cookies measure all data which are then forwarded to Google Analytics. These cookies measure, for example, the number of visitors on the website at any given moment, the amount of time the visitor spends on the website and which pages are viewed. The Google Analytics cookies are completely anonomised.

You can cancel the storage of cookies by changing your browser preferences. You can also delete all cookie information that your browser has previously stored via your browser preferences.

Information by email/newsletter

If you indicate through the RKD website that you wish to receive information/our newsletter by email, then you agree to the RKD periodically informing you of its activities. However, at all times you will be offered the possibility to indicate that you wish to receive no further information. If you no longer wish to receive information from the RKD, you can discontinue this service by reaching out through the contact form or by unsubscribing through the link in our email newsletters.

The webshop

We shall use any information provided by you (such as name, address, telephone number, credit card number) solely for the purpose of processing your orders and keeping our records up to date. The information will not be used for other purposes of a commercial – or non-commercial nature which are not directly associated with the RKD without previously obtaining your permission. Should you have any questions with regard to this, then please contact us via the contact form.

The webshop software may use cookies in order to monitor your shopping cart during an online visit, and to register your name and address for future visits to this site. Cookies will not be used to save credit card information. We are committed to providing a safe Internet environment. In this way the possibility of theft, manipulation and other changes in the information you leave with us is minimized.

Requesting an archive

In certain cases an archive request form must be filled in and signed in order to obtain access to an archive. We do not save personal information any longer than is strictly necessary in order to realise the purpose for which you provided it, in this case, to indemnify the RKD against liability in the event of an applicant's non-compliance with legal conditions concerning the further processing of personal data.

Camera surveillance

The RKD uses camera surveillance for security purposes, including the protection of our unique collection, which can be viewed and/or examined in the RKD's reading- and exhibition rooms. However, the privacy rights of both staff members and visitors have to be secured as well. In order to fully safeguard the rights of all concerned, cameras will only be employed when no other security means are available, and in accordance with the requirements regarding their use.

The RKD's use of camera surveillance is subject to the following conditions:

  • Camera footage will be collected to further the security of visitors, staff members, property, and collections of the RKD;
  • Any camera surveillance footage will be retained for no more than four weeks and will not be shared with third parties unless the information is required in the context of an investigation by the police or other authorities;
  • All footage is technically and organizationally secured.

The RKD has installed camera surveillance at the following locations:

  • entrance
  • reading room
  • exhibition area


The RKD will not pass on your personal details to third parties without your explicit permission. In certain instances it may occur that the RKD enlists third parties to provide a specific service, such as sending orders from our web shop. In such cases certain personal details will have to be disclosed to third parties. This will be done exclusively to serve this particular purpose and these third parties will treat the information in a confidential manner similar to that maintained by the RKD. The RKD remains ultimately responsible for handling these processes.

The RKD will not save the collected personal data any longer than is strictly necessary in order to realise the purpose for which they were accumulated.

You have the right to peruse, revise or delete your personal data. If you should wish to do so, please contact the RKD via the contact form to make an appointment to visit us. It is important that you bring a valid ID and that you can verify that the information you wish to peruse, revise or delete is, in fact, yours. It is not permitted to peruse information of others.

The RKD will take appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, and other unwanted acts with regard to personal data. These measures are included in our information security policy.

We regularly update our privacy policy and may from time to time make revisions. Any future change in our privacy policy will be announced on this page. Your information is subject to the privacy policy which is applicable at the moment you leave your data on our website. If we announce a new policy, any information newly provided by you will be subject to the policy that applies at that point in time.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact