Expert Meeting Rembrandt Reunited


The Nivaagaard Collection in Nivå, Denmark
Expert meeting Rembrandt Reunited Nivaagaard

Join us on September 2, 2024, for an exclusive expert meeting at The Nivaagaard Collection in Nivå, Denmark, to celebrate the opening of the highly anticipated focus exhibition, Rembrandt Reunited. This event marks the first time in over two centuries that Rembrandt's Portrait of a 39-year-old Woman from The Nivaagaard Collection and its speculated counterpart, the Portrait of a 40-year-old Man from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, will be displayed together.

Research by an international team of art historians and technical experts has focused on the question whether these masterpieces are pendant portraits. More about the research can be found in our previously published article. Now, we invite the academic community to review the results of new technical and art historical investigation in both works, and for the first time examine these portraits side by side. We anticipate engaging dialogue in front of the paintings in the gallery. 

Speakers include Angela Jager (RKD) and Jørgen Wadum (Nivaagaard/WATS), the project leaders, and the members from the research team, Silvia Centeno and Doherty Mahon (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Aoife Daly (, Gianluca Pastorelli (Statens Museum for Kunst) and Camilla Perondi (Art +Image). Keynote lectures are provided by Petria Noble (Rijksmuseum) and Jaap van der Veen (Independent Scholar).

Please download the full program here.