Image request

Beeldmateriaal aanvragen

In RKD Research you can download images in low resolution, and with an RKD Research subscription also in high resolution. These are images from RKDimages and RKDimages Lite.

RKD Research

You can download low-resolution images via RKD Research, and high-resolution images if you have a subscription to RKD Research. These images come from RKDimages and RKDimages Lite. 

When using an image for publication you must credit the source in the manner set out below, either alongside the published image or by including it in the list of photographic credits: RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague.

Other images

In some circumstances it is also possible to request scans of images in the archives or library. Please use this form to order scans from books, journals or archival material. We will send you a 300ppi scan at a cost of € 31.50 per scan. Standard delivery time is three to four weeks after payment. A fast delivery service is available which will deliver an order within three working days of payment. You can choose a large-format scan, made at a definition exceeding 300ppi A4, for example to enlarge a detail. Fast delivery orders and large format scans cost € 77.50.


If a work is copyrighted, then its use will require permission from the copyright owner. If you distribute material or use it in a publication without having acquired the necessary permission from the copyright owner, then the latter can take legal steps against you. Clients of the RKD are personally responsible for seeing to the proper arrangement of rights relating to the distribution or republication of material from the collection. For further information on copyright, see this page.

For questions, please contact us via the contact form.