Museum in de oorlog - Kunst in vrijheid

Haagse kunstenaars podcast

Geert-Jan Mellink and Lynne van Rhijn

This publication and an exhibition in Kunstmuseum Den Haag were made on the occasion of 76 years of freedom. The Kunstmuseum has not been open for long when the Second World War breaks out, but it is taking a hard hit and the museum staff has to face many challenges in order to steer the collection through the war as best as possible. The museum asked historical researcher Geert-Jan Mellink to research its own history during the occupation period.

The story of an occupation also includes that of a liberation. In the years 1945-1950 the art world developed at breakneck speed. Lynne van Rhijn (curator of modern art at the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History) conducted research into the effect of liberation on experimental art in The Hague. From this a picture emerges of renewed energy and the urge to experiment. Artists embraced their regained freedoms, such as letting go of the recognizable image.