Drs. Sytske Weidema



E: weidema@rkd.nl
T: 070 3339777

Sytske Weidema

Curriculum Vitae and duties

Sytske Weidema studied art history at the Rijksuniversiteit Grongingen with a specialisation in early Netherlandish studio practices and material technical research on early Netherlandish paintings.

She has worked for various cultural institutes including the Groeningermuseum (Brugge) at the department of education, she was fellow in the European Paintings Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), and was research assistant in the Cantor Art Center (Stanford University, CA). Wiedema has also worked as a guide in many museums, including Museum Catharijneconvent (Utrecht), and has spent time as a course lecturer of art history.

She wrote a book for the Jan Gossaart exhibition in 2010/2011 in collaboration with Anna Koopstra, entitled Jan Gossart: the documentary evidence on (archival) textual documents on the painter Jan Gossart.

Weidema has been working for the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History since 2002 on projects relating to technical research, including the former IRR-database, RKDtechnical, Dendro4Art, The Rembrandt Database and Marks on Art / Paintings. In addition she focuses on computational art history, organising seminars connected with this subject for example, and she oversaw the online publication Counting Vermeer.

Publications (selection)

  • Jan Gossart: the documentary evidence (2012) (with Anna Koopstra)