Dr. Anna Rademakers


Head of Collections

E: rademakers@rkd.nl
T: 070 3339722


Curriculum vitae and activities

Anna Rademakers studied Dutch and Modern History at Utrecht University. She started her career at a web agency, before joining the KB | National Library in 2007 as project coordinator of the digitalisation programme Memory of the Netherlands. In the following 16 years, she held various positions at the KB. Most recently, she worked as a cultural history collection specialist. For several years, she also acted as chair of OKBN * ARLIS/NL, the Dutch Association of Art Libraries.

Anna combined her work with a degree in Art History in Leiden, and then completed her PhD at the University of Groningen in 2020 on Hometown, Homeland: National Identity and Local Pride in the Painter’s World of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815-1839), a study on the emergence of a fragile 'national awareness' in the art world after the temporary reunification of the Northern and Southern Netherlands.

Since September 2023, Anna has been Head of Collections at the RKD. Together with her department, she takes care of both the physical and digital collections, from their acquisition and processing to their preservation and availability.