RKD Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis

About the RKD

The RKD is the knowledge centre for the visual arts of the Low Countries and provides worldwide access to knowledge, research and information to museums, academic community and general public


ANBI status

Name: RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History  
RSIN: 8032.57.727
Contact details: See Contact
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Organogram: See Staff

Board setup

The RKD Foundation is managed by the director. The Foundation has a Supervisory Board whose main task is to oversee the policies of the Management and the general affairs in the Foundation and its affiliated organisation. The Supervisory Board assists the Management in an advisory role. The Foundation uses the eight principles of the Governance Code Cultuur 2019.

Supervisory Board

  • Mr. G.N. Roes
  • Mr. H. Godschalx
    managing director Hoffsteede B.V.
  • Drs. D.T.M. Majoor
    chair of the Cibap executive board
  • Prof. Dr K. Brosens
    associate professor KU Leuven
  • Ir. H.H. Buss
    partner/COO DrivenbyData BV
  • S. Alsteens
    director Fondation Custodia

Members of the Supervisory Board receive an allowance equal to the tax-free volunteer allowance. Click here for more information about the Supervisory Board.


  • Prof. Dr Chris W.M. Stolwijk
    general director
  • Astrid Verheusen, MA
    director of business operations & CIO

Academic Advisory Board

  • Dr Elmer Kolfin (Chair)
    assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam
  • Anne Helmreich PhD
    director Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art
  • Prof. Dr Ron Spronk
    professor at Queen's University & endowed professor at the Radboud University
  • Prof. Frances Fowle
    professor at the University of Edinburgh & senior curator National Galleries of Scotland
  • Dr Edward Wouk
    Reader at the University of Manchester


The salary of employees of the RKD is in accordance with the Museum cao (Museum collective agreement).

Policy plan

Report of the recently carried out activities and financial accounts

Annual reports

ANBI Charitable Declaration of Trust

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