Kees van Dongen. De weg naar succes


Anita Hopmans

How did the young artist Kees van Dongen manage to make it in Paris and grow into one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century within a short period of time? This question is the focus of this book about Kees van Dongen.

Kees van Dongen is among the first Dutch artists who seek artistic innovation in Paris around 1900. He embraces the avant-garde there. In 1905, Picasso invites him to move into a studio in the Bateau-Lavoir, in Montmartre. In this environment he develops into a painter of figure and an innovator through color and touch.

This book presents highlights and key pieces from Van Dongen's oeuvre: a total of 75 paintings and 30 drawings. The focus is on the period that would lead to Kees van Dongen's world fame.