Navigating the library

RKD Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis

The RKDlibrary database includes descriptions of all books, periodicals and catalogues in the collection.

You can search using keywords, title words or author’s name in the search bar. Location is given alongside the description: open shelves (STUDY ROOM or READING ROOM) or depot (MAG). If the publication is in the study room, you can find it for yourself using the shelfmark. If the publication is in the depot, it must be requested using your visitor pass number.

Finding a publication on open shelves

Each volume has a shelfmark combined with a unique object number (found in RKDlibrary). You will find the first part of the shelfmark displayed on the front of the bookshelves; within each category volumes are ordered alphabetically or by date/year (for exhibition or collection catalogues).

Books which you have retrieved from open shelves should be returned by placing them on top of the low bookcases; RKD staff will return them to the correct place.