Dr. Suzanne Laemers


Curator Early Netherlandish Paintings

E: laemers@rkd.nl 
T: 070 3339716

Suzanne Laemers

Curriculum vitae and duties

Suzanne Laemers studied art history at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. After her study she worked on a freelance basis for a short period, including for the Rijksmuseum of Twenthe in Eschede.

In 1998 she started working for the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, where she is responsible for setting up the Friedländer extensive photo archive in RKDimages. In 2017 she received her PhD. for her dissertation entitled Max J. Friedländer (1867-1958). Kunst en kennerschap, een leven gewijd aan de vroege Nederlandse schilderkunst. She is currenly one of the project managers of the Marks on Art database and supervises the indexing of the archival notes of Abraham Bredius (1855-1946) about seventeenth-century Dutch painters.

Additional positions

Together with Matthias Ubl (Rijksmuseum) Suzanne Laemers is the driving force behind the Contact Group Early Netherlandish Art.

Publications (selection)

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